doesn’t offer traditional ads. Outdoor sports lovers — Adventurers — don’t have time for old-school interruption marketing; there are trails to run, paths to ride, rocks to climb, rivers to paddle.

Instead, we give our Adventurers exactly what they do want: high-quality editorial, photo and video content about outdoor fun and fitness options on the Cleveland Towpath.

So we don’t want ‘advertisers’ here. But we do need Partners: retailers, restaurants, service providers, hotels and venues with a tie to the Towpath and outdoor sports. The goal: to bring our Adventurers to the doors of our Partners — literally.

The Cleveland Towpath Two-Step Marketing Plan

STEP ONE: We Tell Your Story. To begin, we first create compelling editorial, photo and video content about your business and its relationship to Northeast Ohio outdoor sports. We post this beautifully-crafted content to, the go-to online resource for fresh air fitness fans who live here or are looking to visit.

Partners pay just $95 to help cover some of the costs for this initial content creation. It’s high-quality work with back-links to your website for SEO and a call-to-action to generate direct revenues. By itself, it’s the best $95 you’ll ever spend. But that’s just Step 1.

STEP TWO: We Bring Adventurers to You. Once the content piece is in place, we produce an outdoor fitness event with your business built in to the itinerary.

Let’s say you run a restaurant that’s close to the Towpath. You decide to ‘advertise’ with us. We create content about your restaurant and post it to our website to tell Adventurers about your location, great food and vibe.

Then later we design and promote an outdoor fitness event — like a family-friendly Towpath hike — that starts in one location, stops at your restaurant as the turn-around lunch spot, then heads back to the starting point.

We work out an affordable revenue-sharing plan with you in advance. That way, we have a strong incentive to get as many people as possible to hike with us and buy lunch at your restaurant.

We promote and run the event. We hike. We entertain our Adventurers. We stop at your restaurant. You sell a bunch of lunch specials when we get there. You give us a couple bucks per lunch sold. Everyone has a great time. And hundreds of comments and photos end up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, plus your website and ours.

When the event is over, we gather feedback from both our Adventurers and from you. We talk about the operations and the offer. Then we make plans for the next event, possibly with a different sport or demographic target (maybe mountain biking couples?).

Become a Cleveland Towpath Partner

The outline above is just one example. There are many different types of Partners who benefit from having hikers, bikers, paddlers, runners, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages visit their business.

If this sound like your kind of ‘advertising’, please give us a call at 216-285-0185 or email us. We love to discuss win-win options that build a Cleveland Towpath community.